About us

ERD provides rehabilitation services since 1989

ERD was established in 1989 with as its mission to provide home physiotherapy to neurologically impaired individuals in the home setting in the Greater Montreal area. Since then, our clientele has grown to include an adult population with a variety of diagnosis including neurological, orthopaedic and geriatric conditions.

Our team is comprised of physiotherapists and physical rehabilitation therapists.

Recognizing our level of expertise in community medicine, CLSCs call upon our team members to provide support to their existing staff.

We have thus developed human resources services and offer short to long-term replacements in CLSCs, CHSLDs and Rehabilitation and Hospital centers.

As always, our commitment to quality and professionalism remains our greatest concern and is the guiding force behind all our interventions.

We strive to equate working with ERD with a greater level of peace of mind.

“Francisco and his devoted team were ‘angels’ who made it possible for my mother, Solanges, to receive rehabilitation. They then provided the same high quality of care to my aunt Lucille. When my mother became afflicted with a severe CVA, the lack of resources at the hospital meant that she would not receive rehabilitation services. Francisco and his team visited her at the hospital and continued to do so at her long-term care facility. They became a ray of sunshine in her life for almost 7 years. Long life and prosperity to ERD”
Christiane Bergevin
“Thanks to ERD having been with me for the past 30 years, I have been able to live independently in my own home. As age amplifies the impact of my handicap on my function, the human and caring approach with which the competent members of this team deliver their services has become even more precious. The continuity of the services offered to me has given me comfort and peace of mind.”
Rena Stepanian (living with a spinal cord injury)
Great cooperation, it’s remarkable!
In addition, we are informed of the objectives to be achieved and therefore of the work plan. Real pros.
Mme Lazure

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